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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon." on your side. good afternoon i am alison starling. we begin on storm watch. april is just two days away but winter is not for with us just yet. more frigid rain is moving in and some of the area could see snow. adam caskey is tracking this live in the weather center. and unsettled weather
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pattern is taking shape in bringing cool temperatures and some areas of light precipitation that will continue to develop this afternoon and evening. it is just like scattered showers and a few wet snowflakes could make san by the evening hours. the clouds had moved in and a few rain showers have moved in especially down near stafford. it is just clipping southern prince william county at this time. the bulk of the moisture is well to the south over the tidewater region and to the northwest. we will have a few more developing showers later on with temperatures dropping by the evening hours into the lower 40's. we'll talk more about the forecast straight ahead. we are following breaking news out of the montgomery county where crews are now working to repair a gas leak. newschopper7 was over the scene at the cost: russell ave in
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gaithersburg. the montgomery thought -- the montgomery county fire department said a gas line was rupture at the loading dock and the star was evacuate. no illnesses have been reported and the leak has been controlled. a local high school is stepping up security one day after police say teenager walked into school with a loaded gun. we are learning that another student has now been removed from this school. it is unfolding at tuscarora high school in frederick. >> school officials say there was another altercation this morning at the high school. a student involved in the altercation was removed from the school to his parents' custody. there was no weapon involved. this comes one day after authorities say a student brought a loaded gun to school. a stepped up police presence after a 15-year-old student
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allegedly brought a loaded gun to class. >> it is kind of scary. >> police say was around lunch time when students of a weapon and reported it to the office. authorities say the pressure and was discovered concealing a fully loaded 22-caliber revolver. the student told authorities he brought the gun to school for protection. school officials say he feared for his safety after an altercation monday involving a boys/core relationship. >> i feel that is unfortunate that they have to bring a gun to school. >> the school principal address the issue, urging students to continue to come forward if they suspect a dangerous situation. school administration is evaluating safety and security procedures. >> it is scary but what are you going to do? put metal detectors at the door? >> school officials will not speak specifically about this case but they say the punishment for possession of a weapon at school is permanent removal from the school.
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the 15-year-old is expected to be in court for a hearing this afternoon. the gaithersburg police chief has suspended three of his officers. the officers were suspended for overtime irregularities that turned up during an audit. another city officer has been reassigned to the administrative duties. the city manager says the staff changes have not impacted their operations. a family is safe after a fire breaks out in a garage. it happened just before 7:00 this morning in a two-story home in gaithersburg. firefighters arrived to find smoke pouring from the garage. no one was hurt. to a developing story -- in florida, for the second time in one week, an air-traffic controller has been suspended. this controller caused a close
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call between a southwest flight that was headed for orlando international airport and a small plane that was headed for kissimmee florida. >> faa officials say a commercial jet full of passengers came dangerously close to another plane. it was at the request of an air traffic controller in orlando. this is what the real-life scenario looked like, a commercial jet with 137 passengers flying at an altitude of 12,000 feet and some 10 miles behind a small private plane flying at 11,000 feet. faa officials say this was not an accident that the onset that aspect of this is that they did not know what the guy's a little airplane might do. >> or was in there. that's the essence of the war cannot the small plane had been out of radio contact for one hour. >> lack of communication can be a red flag for terrorism.
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the air traffic controller, but the unusual idea to have the southwest jet check on the other plane. it got so close that the southwest jet could see the other people in the cockpit. the air traffic controller compromised the safety of everyone involved. this incident was totally inappropriate. this is the second air traffic controller to come under fire in the past week. >> american 1900, so you are aware, the tower is apparently not man the. >> at reagan national, two commercial jets landed with no official clearance because the law and air traffic controller had fallen asleep. that prompted new ntsb recommendations and a mandate to have two air traffic controllers at all times. those air traffic controllers have been suspended in these incidents and investigations are under way. as for the florida incident, the faa says the small plane made radio contact 30 seconds after the southwest jet checked in.
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on a related note, the fbi is now trying to figure out how i believe may have pierced the u.s. airways plane. the pilot noticed the bullet hole monday afternoon after fly from philadelphia to charlotte north carolina. the tv station reported that the bullet was lodged in the plane and it was intact and left a nickel-sized hole. investigators believe the bull was filed by a rifle as the plane got closer to landing. the plan is not in service now. this is from rockville workers are heading to the scene of a 12-inch water main break. newschopper7 is over the scene. this is live on park lawn drive. you can see the water that is flooding the roadway. the cars are making their way but only six customers have been affected by this break. from japan, nuclear
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radiation concerns are growing from land to the water. safety officials said radiation levels in seawater near the fukushima nuclear complex are more than 3000 times the legal limit. government leaders say marine products are safe to consume because the radioactive iodine will be significantly diluted in the ocean. president obama is speaking right now at georgetown university and later today, he is expected to release a detailed blueprint of the nation's energy policy for the future. moments ago, he made one big announcement about his plans. when i was elected to this office, america imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. by a little more than a decade from now we will have cut that by 1/3. [applause] that is something we can achieve it. >> he said the situation in japan and libya make it clear
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that america as to focus on cleaner-burning and safer deals altogether. new developments on the crisis in libya. the president of uganda says libyan leader moammar khaddafi can take refuge in his country. it appears to be the first offer of asylum for the dictator. gaddafi refuses to step down. the u.s. is formally handed over control of the libyan conflict to nato. gop leaders want a clear explanation of the u.s. goals in libya. and >> if gaddafi dozen leak, how long will nato be there to enforce a no-fly zone? >> there could be legitimate transfer of arms if a country were to choose to do that. >> the gaddafi forces are advancing, driving rebels out of his hometown of surt. more tomahawk cruise missiles were launched over the night.
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anti-government protests continued to spread in yemen. thousands of protesters are calling for the longtime ruler to step down. demonstrators denounced a munitions factory explosion that killed 100 people. opposition groups accused the president being behind the explosion. on capitol hill, a bill to revise the d.c. scholarship school program takes center stage. the program subsidizes private school tuition for low income students. congress begins phasing out the program in 2009. some lawmakers including john boehner want to bring it back. this bill would increase the annual voucher to up to $12,000 per student. >> coming up here,doees dye in foods lead to hyper kids? we have a new fda investigation. >> do d.c. schools help students
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cheat on standardized exams? our interview with the d.c. schools chancellor coming up next. >> plus, fighting back against student suicides. activists packed their message onto local college campus. all of that and we returned home with storm watch. how long until spring finally arrives?
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>> the head of d.c. schools is firing back after controversy on children's test scores is heating up. there is a question on some scores at elementary schools. this is growing anger from parents. >> it was astounding because i cannot believe that that really
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went on if it really did go on. >> for the first on a long time, parents at noye elementarys school said they had hoped. the numbers since excel in the map program increased from 10% to 58% in two years. those achievements have come under question. >> it is crazy. i'm looking for another school for my daughter for next year. >> noyes elementary school and 100 other schools had an unusually high rate of our races -- erasures. >> they receive the award for student achievement and its teachers got bonuses. was there foul play? the school chancellor says not a chance. >> there was no evidence of cheating. in fact, they said that erasures were plausible. >> in 2009, the district hired
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an independent investigator, the best in the business, to look into the matter and they found nothing. >> if they are desperate and are cheating, make no mistake about it, i will come with the full force of my authority to move against those people that how does she explain the jump in scores? she says it is due to reforms introduced by michelle rhee. >> many of the things we put in place secured big gains in student achievement we are seeing. >> she has as the inspector general to conduct their own investigation. in college park, the university of maryland community is being urged to send silence packing. 1100 backpacks are on display. it represents the college students lost to suicide each year. they can read about the students who died and learn more about mental health and suicide prevention.
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residents of louisiana are picking up the pieces after powerful storms ripped burden orleans overnight andes stormed back heavy rains lightning, and even hail. floodwaters shut down several roads and you concede that hele hail. there was a report that a tornado touched down. homes were severely damaged. >> we are at peak bloom for the cherry blossoms now through friday. if you want to get out there this week, is there a date that is better than another? have a very unsettled weather pattern the next couple of days. watch the radar and watch us and we will keep you updated. we won't get the beautiful sun rise over the tidal basin. we will not get the blue sky as a backdrop for photographers. >> and you have to bundle up. >> let's start with a time lapse
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from the rooftop in arlington near ballston. there's a little bit of sunshine early this morning. otherwise, gray skies and clouds moved in. we have these disturbances moving through the upper level and some surface low pressure affecting our region. it will give us an unsettled weather pattern and we are backing off the overall precipitation and rainfall forecast for the rest of the day. we will have more showers but not all that much. 46 degrees downtown and 45 degrees in martinsburg. cumberland is checking in at 41 degrees. there is a little band of light rain in southern fauquier county county. this is pushing off to the north and east especially rain in the northern make and further south.
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we have a heavier rain down to our south and a disturbance to our west. most of this disturbance will cause the snow in ohio and that will pass to our nw. i think we will get clipped by some of the moisture developing in kentucky and west virginia. that will move in this evening for some spotty rainshowers and maybe a few wet snowflakes but not a big deal. why we are backing off on the rainfall prediction is that most of the atmospheric moisture from rain, that moisture coming out of the south is getting caught up by the intense showers and thunderstorms action happening over the south. they are taking our moisture and rain showers. that is why it is not materializing. mostly cloudy and a few isolated showers possible maybe a few snow -- snowflakes, and tomorrow some spotty showers. the washington nationals opener
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is tomorrow so have your reindeer and the. thank you very much. a new study finds the color of the food that children he could make them more hyperactive. a government report suggests there might be a link between synthetic food dyes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. food industry leaders incest the use of artificial colors has been confirmed for extensive review. the fda could make a crucial ruling today. >> i would not be surprised if they recommend a change in labeling, not a label that says food does cause hyperactivity but something on the order of for some children with hyperactivity, food dyes may worsen their condition. european >> food labels concerning -- containing certain dyes already have warnings. fans heading out to the
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nationals first game should brace for crowds and metro. the agency is expecting standing room only on the green line. that is tomorrow when an estimated 20,000 people will ride metro to and from the game. metro will run eight-car trains to and other crafts. the national kickoff the season at 1:05 tomorrow afternoon. montgomery county is making it easier to pay for parking. cell phones can be used to pay for county parking meters in bethesda. the county hopes to expand the program to silver spring, wheaton, and montgomery hills. 11,000 parking meters will soon allow paying by cell phone. >> coming up, controversy at sea world, a killer killer whale returns to the show and how the theme parks as it is making things safer for trainers. and then, who was the first to
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say goodbye? we will tell you who was sent home on "dancing with the stars." '70's icon bo derek
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a 12,000 pound will is returning to shows today 30 months after killing a trainer. he has not performed until horrified spectators last february dreading the trainer to her death. it was the third time that will kill a human in the past 20 years. see world says that his return to the show is an important component of his physical, social, and mental enrichment. the water park is building
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situations to remove trainers in an emergency. the first celebrity is leaving the ball room for good to. >> mike and lacy -- it was a psycho mike catherwood who is hanging up his dancing shoes. he was knocked out of the competition on last night's "dancing with the stars." the remaining 10 teams will take on the run book, the walt, and a possible public. still ahead, adam caskey is back with a final look at the
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a leisurely boat ride took a frightening turn for some tourists in florida. a 300-pound ray jumped out of the water and landed in the boat for the animal a woman standing on the deck in the chest and its center overboard. new the woman or the re were seriously hurt. two state workers were able to dump the ray into the water. >> that is terrifying. i don't like accidently catching fish like that. you can get the hook out -- >> the whole thing is creepy. one last look at the weather. it is cool and it will be on settled. we will slowly warm up and clear out by sunday. upper 50's, early 60's next
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week. >> we are ready, thank y
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